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Bayley Barclay and Mills LLP assists businesses to increase value whether through performance improvement, balance sheet restructuring or a corporate turnaround.

Identify & Implement Programme

Our Identify and Implement Programme has been developed to guide organisations during periods of disruption.  Creating the path through current issues and guiding the business along that path ensures targets are achieved and business performance returns.  The Programme utilises a simple core process of; review, plan, deliver with constant provision of immediate actions.  This process combined with the experience of our professionals transforms businesses and builds a foundation for lasting success.


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Even good businesses do not always perform to the maximum of their ability. 

BB&M has the experience, knowledge and expertise to identify the reasons for sub-optimal performance, then implement a programme to achieve the identified improvements.

BB&M has a range of services, including rapid cost reduction, to quickly resolve issues.



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The right capital structure is essential for a business to perform.  BB&M assists companies to understand the optimum balance sheet for their business plans and either source new funding or restructure existing funds.

BB&M works with an extensive network of equity and debt funders.



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BB&M delivers positive change to distressed businesses.   


By stabilising and implementing strategic, operational, cash management and financial change, BB&M assists the business to restructure and turnaround performance.  This helps to restore value for stakeholders.

BB&M has a proven process to restore value in under-performing businesses.


Bayley Barclay & Mills LLP is an advisory and implementation firm dedicated to transforming businesses.  By embedding with the business, BB&M delivers rapid and long term results to turnaround and enhance business performance.



Bayley Barclay & Mills LLP works with businesses across all stages.

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BB&M helps early stage companies to adopt the optimal structure, operational processes and financial controls to deliver the growth to take the business towards its goals.  This is often combined with introducing the right funding partners.
BB&M understands the constraints in a growth business and tailors its support accordingly.


Where a developed business has stalled or is failing to create value for stakeholders, BB&M will work with the company to identify what it needs to stop doing, what it needs to start doing and what it needs to better.  BB&M will support the implementation, checking and reviewing progress to ensure objectives are achieved.


Businesses decline for many reasons.  BB&M can quickly identify these reasons and develop a rapid turnaround programme that includes stakeholder management, operational turnaround, financial restructuring and cash management.  BB&M is able to take an advisory role or take an appointment, for example as the Chief Restructuring Officer.



BB&M is experienced at quickly developing trust and building a strong positive relationship with the management team when appointed by an external stakeholder.   Often such an appointment can create a negative impact, however, BB&M understands how to embed with the business and work together.


Examples of projects our team has delivered.

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Appointed by a major shareholder, conducted a performance improvement initiative for a $1bn revenue commodities business.  A key element to improve the business was understanding and restructuring the contracts with suppliers, buyers and banks.  The work gave comfort to the controlling shareholders to increase their investment.


Bayley Barclay & Mills LLP assists businesses to improve performance.  It works with senior management and embeds with the business to ensure an effective relationship where knowledge is shared.  Its delivery teams are small, staffed by highly experienced professionals, and focused on delivering positive outcomes.

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Passionate, effective and determined.


Thomas has extensive international experience assisting businesses during periods of transition, under-performance and change.  Since 1997, Thomas has led successful business improvement and turnaround programmes, working with both management and funders in a combination of full time, project and non-executive roles.  He has a proven ability to; identify, plan, implement and lead change in time critical, sensitive projects. 

Prior to Bayley Barclay & Mills, Thomas spent sixteen years at Replus, a boutique operational turnaround adviser and four years in KPMG’s Restructuring Team where he concentrated on cross border and complex turnarounds.  Thomas’s career has also included full time corporate roles in South East Asia & West Africa.  Before transforming  businesses, Thomas spent six years leading counter insurgency operations in the British Army.  Thomas also has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.


As every project is different, requiring a unique combination of skills, Bayley Barclay & Mills LLP draws from its pool of experienced associates for projects.  This ensures every engagement team has the right experience and ability.



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